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Why Study Online?

Deciding to pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree can be a daunting task.  Whether you’re thinking about enrolling in one of our most affordable online Master’s degrees in Creative Writing or one of our highest-rated online Bachelor’s degrees in Health Informatics, students are faced with so many different choices in degree programs that it can seem overwhelming for students to know which program is going to be best for them.

Here at Nonprofit Colleges Online, we believe that students should really consider the option of pursuing their college education online. We’ve found that online degree programs have quite a few key benefits.  In this article, we’d like to outline some of the reasons that we believe that pursuing a degree online is worth considering.

Why study online?

It’s cheaper.

We’ve found that online degree programs tend to be substantially cheaper than their on-campus counterparts.  As college costs continue to climb year-over-year, students are considering any and all ways that they can control the costs of their college experience.  By pursuing a degree online, we’ve found that colleges are able to offer students better deals on tuition.  By being able to cut out a lot of the overhead involved with offering a degree program online, the programs cost the colleges less money to operate, which allows them to offer the program to students at a lower cost per credit.

It’s more flexible.

Students today are busier than ever.  They are working jobs, internships, volunteering, and so much more.  Finding time to pursue a college degree with a traditional schedule may just seem implausible to some students.  For many students, due to the cost of college, they have to work full-time to pay for their education – which oftentimes conflicts with the scheduling of a traditional on-campus experience.  By enrolling in an online degree program, students are able to create a schedule that works best for them.  They can schedule their classes around their current obligations – whether that means taking all of their classes at night, on the weekend, or taking less than full load.  Students are given the autonomy to create a schedule that is right for them.

More options.

When considering traditional programs, students usually have to take into account the in-state vs. out-of-state tuition, the cost of moving to a new city or state, and the cost of living in the area around the school they are considering.  Because of this, students often rule out schools that are not near them geographically.  By studying online, students are able to ignore the location of a school, and only need to consider the quality of the program and the cost when deciding to enroll.

It’s typically the same.

Save for some minor tweaks to accommodate an online format, most schools offer the exact same curriculum online as they do on-campus.  Students are able to get the same curriculum delivered to them no matter where they are, on whatever schedule they’d like, at a much cheaper cost.  We’d say that’s a win.

To sum it up, we really hope that you consider pursuing your college experience online.  When you decide to make the leap, we’ve compiled dozens of rankings of our favorite online degree programs for you to make an informed decision from.