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We created the Students Before Profits Award to promote nonprofit colleges and universities offering online degree programs that put students before profits and education before the bottom line.

For our Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science award winners, we selected online programs from accredited, nonprofit colleges and universities with objectively lower than average tuition cost and have ranked the programs according to their affordability.

Our editors first reviewed online bachelor’s in computer science in July 2023. This ranking was last updated in February 2024.

Ranking the Best Online Computer Science Bachelor Degree Programs

SchoolTuition (in-state, undergraduate)Tuition Score (1-100)
Fort Hays State University$5,43095
Florida State University$5,65694
California State Monterey Bay$7,32393
University of Maine Augusta$8,37892
Lamar University$8,69091
Troy University$9,31290
Dakota State University$9,63389
Old Dominion University$11,22087
University of Illinois Springfield$12,07785
Southern New Hampshire University$15,38084
Undergraduate tuition collected from the most current data published by NCES – College Navigator.

1. Fort Hays State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Located in Hays, Kansas, Fort Hays State University is a leading forward-thinking, entrepreneurial university in the Midwest. The university enrolls almost 13,000 students and offers certificate and degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s levels. For students interested in computer science, you can earn a bachelor’s degree online.

The bachelor’s in computer science degree is a 130-credit program. Students may choose an emphasis in Business, Mathematics, Geographic Applications, Physics, or Networking. No matter which emphases, you will take upper-level computer science courses including:

  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Foundations of Computing
  • Java Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Architecture

You can also participate in a local internship before being eligible for graduation. It must be noted that a few of the general education requirements may be avoided by passing the appropriate CLEP exams. Graduates receive knowledge and preparation to work with complex information and computing systems, and gain the skills needed to advance steadily in their careers.


  • Diverse selection of online CS courses
  • Emphasis areas to help specialize the CS degree
  • In-state tuition for Kansas residents
  • Large alumni network working in high demand jobs, from technology to government security
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1


  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents of Kansas
  • Overall graduation rate of 51%

2. Florida State University

Online BS in Computer Science

One of the nation’s elite research universities, Florida State University is the oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida. It is a known leader in STEM fields and offers many reputable online degree programs in related disciplines.

The BS in Computer Science is a degree-completion program requiring students to possess an associate’s degree or equivalent in prerequisites earned from an accredited institution of higher learning. This major develops core competencies in:

  • Computer organization
  • Database structure
  • Operating systems
  • Programming

The program allows opportunities to study a range of other aspects of computer and information science, such as information security, data communication/ networks, and software engineering. Every student can expect to become proficient at programming in C, C++, and Assembly Language. Additionally, students get exposed to other languages such as Java, C#, Ada, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Perl, and HTML. With transfer credits, the degree can take as little as two years to complete.


  • Accelerated completion options (finish in two years)
  • Diverse selection of relevant, in-demand courses
  • Generous transfer credit policy
  • Large research university
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio


  • Large student population (over 44,000 students)
  • Prerequisite courses required

3. California State University Monterey Bay

Online BS in Computer Science

Cal State Monterey Bay provides online education through all of its campuses integrated into its online division. Online students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, through a degree completion program that requires students to have completed an associate’s degree.

The online degree completion program offers a unique blend of computer science theory and hands-on information technology practice. Graduates receive preparation to enter the fast-paced information economy in jobs like software engineer, mobile app developer, and technology project manager.


  • Concentration in software engineering offered
  • Diverse selection of industry-relevant courses
  • Financial aid assistance to qualifying students
  • Internship opportunities and large alumni network


  • Higher student-to-faculty ratio than some other colleges (20:1)
  • Out-of-state tuition for non residents of California
  • Prerequisite courses and associate’s degree requirement

4. University of Maine

Online Bachelors in Computer Information Systems

A small, regional liberal arts college in the University of Maine system, the University of Maine at Augusta is the third largest public university in Maine. It offers both online and on-campus degrees. For students seeking online computer programs, UMA offers a bachelor’s in computer information systems.

The Computer Information Systems department at UMA in cooperation with the OnlineMaine—an initiative of the University of Maine System that offers fully online degree programs across the University System—offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Students who graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems gain preparation for careers as programmer/analysts, network administrators, information system developers, and information technology managers. Students can choose from several concentrations to help tailor their degree. Concentrations include data science and software development, among others.


  • Diverse selection of courses in CS and related fields
  • Help building a professional portfolio
  • Internship experience elective
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Minors and certificates to choose from


  • Out-of-state tuition for residents outside Maine

5. Lamar University

Online BS in Computer Science

Home to over 16,000 students, Lamar University, located near Houston in Beaumont, TX, is among the fastest growing Texas colleges and universities. LU offers more than 100 programs of study leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, some of which students can earn online.

LU Online offers a fully online, four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Computer Science at Lamar is a broad-based program emphasizing programming languages, data structures, and information systems. Students also learn about theory of programming languages and applications of computer science and computer architecture. The program requires 48 hours in computer science, 20 hours in mathematics, 12 hours in laboratory science, and 6 hours in free electives. Students also take the ETS computer science field exam during their last semester. This program provides graduates the knowledge and skills needed to confidently enter into their careers.


  • Affordable, in-state tuition for Texas residents
  • Career-focused courses
  • Large selection of online courses (core and electives)
  • Small class sizes


  • 20:1 student-to-faculty ratio (slightly higher than other schools)
  • Higher out-of-state tuition for residents outside Texas

6. Troy University

Online BS in Applied Computer Science

Troy University is a public institution comprised of a network of campuses throughout Alabama and worldwide. International in scope, Troy provides many educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels for a diverse student body in traditional, nontraditional and emerging electronic formats. Troy serves the educational needs of over 14,000 students (10,768 undergraduates).

Troy offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science that students can complete online. Taught by talented and dedicated faculty that combine quality academic standing with real-world skills and expertise, the curriculum equips graduates with the ability to solve problems with computer programs, think critically, administer databases and assist in the administration of networking. With specialties such as cyber security and advanced programming, students get trained in the skills needed to engage in this constantly changing and evolving field.


  • Applied courses with real-world emphasis
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio (16:1)
  • Pathways toward graduate computer science programs
  • Research opportunities for undergraduates


  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents of Alabama
  • Remote location for on-campus students

7. Dakota State University

Online BS in Computer Science

Located in Madison, South Dakota, Dakota State University is one of the most technologically-advanced campuses in the Midwest. DSU specializes in computer management, computer information systems, and other related undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers a robust computer tech program for undergraduates with online options in computer science.

Students can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. The program empowers students with the tools, knowledge, and vision to build systems and applications enriching whatever domains interest them. DSU is also home to the Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems, an honors program that prepares students to take the lead in the development and application of information technology tools in business, industry, government and education. Graduates of this program enter careers as software engineers, systems administrators, software developers, tech startup entrepreneurs, programmers, and more.


  • Optional honors program in computers
  • Pathways to related master’s degrees (4+1 program)
  • Research opportunities for undergraduates
  • Small, tight-knit student population and online community


  • Math-heavy course requirements in calculus and discrete math
  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents of South Dakota

8. Old Dominion University

Online BS in Computer Science

Old Dominion University is Virginia’s forward-focused research university with rigorous academics. Students at ODU can choose from over 120 undergraduate programs, over 130 graduate programs, and more. Many programs get delivered online, including the online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The BS in Computer Science program engages students in projects that investigate each stage of problem solving in CS. Students benefit from a strong conceptual and demonstration based curriculum founded with hands-on laboratory experiences. This degree program is scientifically and mathematically intensive to produce qualified and talented graduates. To earn this degree from ODU, students must complete at least 30 credit hours. The undergraduate degree requires 120 total credit hours total.


  • ABET-accredited program
  • Career-focused courses
  • Faculty with diverse research interests and leadership roles in cutting-edge areas
  • In-state tuition for Virginia residents
  • Research opportunities for undergraduates in machine learning and more
  • Strong alumni network with connections to top employers like IBM and Lockheed Martin


  • Higher out-of-state tuition for non-residents

9. University of Illinois Springfield

Online BS in Computer Science

The University of Illinois Springfield is a public university in Springfield, Illinois. UIS enrolls over 4,000 students in 27 undergraduate majors, 20 master’s programs, and doctorates. Online options include the BS in Computer Science degree program.

UIS offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science for students who have completed an associate’s degree. This program familiarizes students with the various areas of knowledge that make up the field. Students develop a firm understanding of the fundamental skills and core theories that endure the rapid technological change experienced daily. The degree also prepares students for graduate studies in computer science or in other related fields.


  • Acceptance rate of 82%
  • Faculty with industry experience and unique research interests
  • 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • Illinois in-state tuition rates
  • Online graduate studies pathways in computer science


  • Applicants must have an associate’s degree or equivalent to enter CS program
  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents

10. Southern New Hampshire University

Online BS in Computer Science

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with an expansive alumni network. It is one of the fastest growing universities in the nation. The school has helped to reinvent higher education to fit the needs of today’s students and workforce by implementing innovative technology and online learning.

SNHU’s online programs include the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This online program utilizes experiential learning and applied lessons to develop students’ real-world problem-solving skills and prepare them for the challenges they will face on the job. Online CS students work to solve real-world problems in courses that emphasize the design and development of computer software. Key courses include:

  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Advanced Programming Languages
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Students can also choose from four concentrations to help tailor their degree toward career goals. Graduates enter careers such as applications and software developers and computer systems analysis, jobs of which there is typically a shortage across industries.


  • Flat rate tuition no matter where you live
  • Four concentration options in areas like data analysis and software engineering
  • Large alumni network
  • No set class times
  • Portfolio creation and management
  • Test scores not required for admission


  • Large student body of over 164,000 students

Other Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Programs

  • Austin Peay State University
  • Bellevue University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Franklin University
  • Limestone College
  • National University
  • Northeastern University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Oregon State University
  • Park University
  • Regent University
  • Regis University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Thomas Edison State University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Western Kentucky University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online Computer Science degree worth it?

Yes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports job growth for all computer and IT occupations through 2032. About 377,500 new jobs in computers should result each year for the next decade. Computer and information research scientists should see a 23% growth in jobs through 2032.

Can I study CS online?

Yes! There are many accredited colleges and universities that offers computer science as an online major and degree. Even top-ranked, research institutions offer online pathways for a degree in computer science. It is a popular degree that many schools offer online.

How long does a bachelor’s in Computer Science take?

A bachelor’s in computer science should take full-time students four years to complete on average. Most CS programs require 120 credits, which means students complete between 12 and 15 credits per semester to graduate in four years. There are some online accelerated options that shorten the time to 3-3.5 years.

Is a BA in Computer Science as good as a BS?

Both BA and BS degrees in computer science are good choices. There is no degree that is better than the other, but the choice comes down to preferences and career goals. A BS degree program can emphasize math and science, while a BA degree can require more liberal arts classes. Both can qualify you for jobs in the industry.

Is CS hard for beginners?

Computer Science is challenging for beginners due to its abstract concepts and logical thinking requirements. But with dedication, practice, and effective learning resources, many first-year college students find success. Many CS programs have teaching assistants and tutors to help students navigate CS courses.

Is CS math heavy?

Computer science uses math language to operate. This means that while earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science you will take several math courses. Specific math courses associated with CS include calculus, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and statistics and probability.

How much can I make with a computer science degree?

It depends on the job, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average pay for computer and information research scientists is $136,620/year. The lowest 10% of workers in this occupation make $78,190/year on average, while the highest 10% make about $232,000/year.

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