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Nonprofit College Online provides prospective students with information on accredited, non-profit online colleges and universities with a record of putting students before profits and education before the bottom line.

Nonprofit Colleges Online provides current and prospective students with rankings, articles, and resources about the best nonprofit online higher education options available for their needs – at every degree level, career field, and region possible. Even though all of our content is free, sustaining and growing a website is not, so Nonprofit Colleges Online receives compensation from sponsored schools.

Sponsored schools are unmistakably marked as such, and can be contacted through the Degree Finder menu. Prospective students may use the Degree Finder to contact schools for further information, but Nonprofit Colleges Online does not gather personal information in any other way. Our rankings are developed completely separately from sponsorship, so sponsored schools cannot affect the rankings in any way. All rankings are based on publicly available, verified information and are generated without bias.