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Top 10 Nonprofit Online Colleges in Georgia

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There are many colleges and universities in Georgia, but not all are nonprofit, and some don’t offer online degree options. Students interested in enrolling in a nonprofit online university or college in The Peach State will find this list helpful. It includes our top 10 picks of Georgia schools, and why we chose them.

Our editors first reviewed nonprofit online colleges in Georgia in July 2023. This list was last updated in March 2024.

We selected these Georgia colleges and universities based on their affordable undergraduate tuition, and the quantity and diversity of programs offered. Here’s a look at our top 10 schools and the pros and cons of each one. The schools on our list are fully accredited and listed in no particular order of preference.

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Georgia’s Nonprofit Online Colleges

School NameLocationAcceptance RateIn-state Undergraduate Tuition
Fort Valley State UniversityFort Valley43%$5,392
Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboro89%$5,905
Clayton State UniversityMorrow56%$5,068
University of North GeorgiaDahlonega70%$5,009
Toccoa Falls CollegeToccoa Falls68%$23,250
Shorter UniversityRome97%$24,044
Point UniversityWest Point24%$22,300
Augusta UniversityAugusta86%$8,122
Albany State UniversityAlbanyOpen Admission$5,934
Kennesaw State UniversityKennesaw68%$5,786
Collected from the most recent published data at the National Center for Education Statistics.

1. Fort Valley State University

Online Programs

Fort Valley State University is a historically Black university founded in 1895. Originally known as Fort Valley State College, the school formed when Fort Valley High and Industrial School combined with the nearby State Teachers and Agricultural College of Forsyth. In June 1996, the school was renamed Fort Valley State University.

FVSU has a rich history of educating the African American population of the state of Georgia. Today, it is home to over 2,600 students and offers many online programs in various disciplines. Currently, the university’s catalog of programs includes over 50 different majors, as well as several different master’s degree programs. Students get access to online and hybrid programs that are also offered on campus. Popular online undergraduate majors include criminal justice and organizational leadership.


  • 20:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Diverse online academic programs
  • Historical significance (HBCU)
  • Low in-state tuition for Georgia students
  • Small class sizes


  • 46% overall graduation rate
  • Limited resources due to size

2. Georgia Southern University

Online Programs

Established in 1906, Georgia Southern University is a public research university that offers online degrees to students in Georgia. Originally named Georgia Teachers College, its name changed to Georgia Southern College in 1959. It wasn’t until 1990 that the school was officially named Georgia Southern University.

Students at GSU can choose from a wide selection of academic programs, many of which are online. The school offers over 140 different bachelor’s programs as well as master’s and doctorate degrees. Popular online programs include studies in English, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Psychology. The school’s commitment to online education has earned a spot among our top online universities and colleges in Georgia.


  • 22:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 89% acceptance rate
  • In-state tuition for residents of Georgia
  • Large selection of diverse online programs


  • Larger classes than some Georgia schools
  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents

3. Clayton State University

Online Programs

Founded in 1969, Clayton State University is a public university that is part of the University System of Georgia. Originally named the Clayton Junior College, CSU started off only offering a limited selection of college courses to its student body. Today, it serves over 5,800 students and offers a wide selection of on-campus, hybrid, and online programs.

Students enrolled at Clayton State can choose from a large selection of academic programs offered at the school. Currently, there are over 60 different undergraduate programs, many of which are online. Its diverse selection of online programs at all levels (undergraduate and graduate) earn it a spot on our list of top online universities and colleges in Georgia.


  • 16:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Diverse selection of online undergraduate degrees
  • Large selection of concentrations and minors online
  • Lower in-state tuition for Georgia students


  • More selective than some schools (56% acceptance rate)
  • 34% overall graduation rate

4. University of North Georgia

Online Programs

The University of North Georgia formed out of a merger between two former Georgia institutions. Officially established in 2013, its roots date back to 1873. But today the school is home to over 18,000 students. It offers online programs at all levels and serves as one of the top online nonprofit schools in Georgia.

Currently, the University of North Georgia has over 100 different bachelor’s programs to choose from, as well as 13 master’s degrees and one doctoral program. Many of these programs are online, but some require campus visits. Popular programs include communications and criminal justice. University of North Georgia has earned a spot among the top online colleges in Georgia thanks to its diverse programs.


  • 18:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 72% retention rate (full-time students)
  • Diverse majors and online degrees
  • Large selection of online endorsements and certificates


  • 70% acceptance rate (more selective than some GA schools)
  • 51% part-time student retention rate

5. Toccoa Falls College

Online Programs

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Toccoa Falls College is a Christian liberal arts college founded in 1907. In 1977, tragedy struck the campus when the Kelly Barnes Dam broke, flooding much of the campus. Today, Toccoa operates with the motto “Where Character is Developed with Intellect” and is home to a student body of over 2,000 students.

Toccoa has a wide selection of academic programs that students can enroll in on-campus or online. Currently, the school offers over 30 different undergraduate majors and over 40 undergraduate minors. Many of these programs are online. The school offers a commitment to online education, which places it on our list of top online Georgia colleges and universities.


  • 17:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Diverse student body
  • Large number of online undergraduate majors and minors
  • Strong commitment to online learning
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Higher tuition than some public Georgia colleges
  • 60% retention rate for full-time students

6. Shorter University

Online Programs

Created in affiliation with the Georgia Baptist Convention, Shorter University found its way to the public in 1873. But in the past, it served only female students. Today, it has grown to a campus of 1,515 students and offers both on-campus and online programs.

Home of the Hawks, Shorter University offers its student body a strong selection of academic programs to choose from. Currently, Shorter has over 30 different bachelor’s degree programs to enroll in. It also offers a selection of master’s degrees. Students at Shorter can enroll in many of these programs online. Popular programs at the school for online studies include business, human services, and sport management.


  • 15:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 97% acceptance rate
  • 72% retention rate for full-time students
  • Both online bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • Small, intimate campus setting


  • Limited resources due to small size
  • Higher tuition than some GA schools

7. Point University

Online Programs

Founded as the Atlanta Christian College, Point University is a Christian liberal arts college that serves over 2,000 students. It offers numerous degrees for both undergraduate and graduate students, many of which you can complete online.

Home of the Skyhawks, Point University offers unique and rigorous academic programs to its student body. Students at Point can choose from a selection of over 60 different undergraduate and graduate offerings. A large selection of these programs are also offered to students entirely online. Popular Point online programs include studies in business administration, IT, and psychology. By offering a large selection of programs online, Point has earned a place among our top online universities and colleges in Georgia.


  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio
  • All degree levels offered online
  • Diverse selection of online programs
  • Flat-rate tuition


  • 24% acceptance rate (highly selective)
  • Higher tuition than other GA schools

8. Augusta University

Online Programs

One of the four members of the University System of Georgia, Augusta University is a public medical university. Made up of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta University’s oldest institution was originally known as the Medical Academy of Georgia. Once offering a single bachelor’s program, today the school is home to over 9,000 students.

Home to the Jaguars, Augusta offers students many different academic programs. There are over 150 different undergraduate and graduate programs. Many of which you can complete online. Popular online programs include cyber security, business, and animation. Its large collection of online programs, puts Augusta on our list of top online Georgia colleges.


  • 17:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 86% acceptance rate
  • 73% retention rate for full-time students
  • In-state tuition for GA residents
  • Small online class sizes


  • Higher out-of-state tuition for non-residents

9. Albany State University

Online Programs

Albany State University is a historically Black university located in Albany, Georgia. The largest of the three historically Black universities in the University System of Georgia, Albany State was founded in 1903. Established as the Albany Bible and Manual Training Institute, the school provided education to former slaves. Today, Albany State is home to a student body of over 6,300 students.

Students at Albany State can choose from a wide selection of academic programs. It offers students over 40 different bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that many you can earn online. Popular Albany online programs include studies in management and nursing. There are associate, bachelor’s, and online graduate programs. With its diverse selection of online degrees, Albany State has earned a place among our top online universities and colleges in Georgia.


  • 20:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Diverse degree levels (from associate’s to master’s)
  • In-state tuition for GA students
  • Large selection of online majors
  • Open admission policy


  • Limitations to transfer credits
  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents

10. Kennesaw State University

Online Programs

A member of the University System of Georgia, Kennesaw State University is a public research university founded in 1963. The school offers many diverse programs and online learning options. In fact, students can earn a degree online in over 50 disciplines.

Kennesaw State has many different academic programs, on-campus and online. There are both bachelor’s programs and master’s degrees to choose from. There are also several doctoral programs. Online options include degrees in business, criminal justice, and technology. The KSU Online structure provides students with tech support and innovative learning platforms. As a result of all KSU offers its online students, it earns a spot on our list of online Georgia college and universities.


  • 68% acceptance rate
  • 75% retention rate for full-time students
  • Dedicated online tech support
  • Large selection of online majors and degrees
  • Low in-state tuition for GA residents


  • Large university setting
  • Larger class sizes (22:1 student-faculty ratio)

Other Georgia Nonprofit Online Colleges to Consider

We didn’t include all Georgia schools on our list. But here are other nonprofit online colleges and universities in Georgia to consider.

  • Brenau University
  • Columbus State University
  • Emory University
  • Georgia Highlands College
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Georgia Southwestern State University
  • LaGrange College
  • Mercer University
  • Middle Georgia State University
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Spelman College
  • Thomas University
  • University of Georgia
  • University of West Georgia
  • Valdosta State University
Online colleges in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is online college in Georgia?

According to a recent U.S. News survey, the average online degree from a Georgia public college for in-state students is $199.83/credit. Out-of-state tuition for non-residents runs about $640/credit. There are many schools that offer in-state tuition, providing low cost education for Georgia students.

Are online colleges in Georgia worth it?

Online colleges in Georgia are worth it for students due to flexibility, accessibility, and lower costs compared to traditional on-campus programs. But it depends on your career goals. It’s important to research accreditation, program quality, and student support services before enrolling in any program (online or on-campus).

How to get free online college in Georgia?

There are many ways to cut tuition costs and, in some cases, get free online college in Georgia. The state offers numerous scholarship programs and grants. If you’re a legal resident of Georgia, you may qualify for these incentives. HOPE grants and other programs can help qualifying students significantly cut their education costs.

What is the easiest online Georgia college to attend?

Determining the “easiest” online college in Georgia is subjective and depends on factors such as individual program offerings and admission criteria. Some colleges known for their online programs include Fort Valley State University, University of Georgia, and Kennesaw State University. These colleges admit a higher percentage of students than other selective schools.

How long does it take to get an online degree in Georgia?

It depends on the program and degree level, but the average time it takes to get an online bachelor’s degree in Georgia is 3-4 years. Typically, undergraduate degrees take around 4 years if pursued full-time, while graduate degrees can take anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the program and student’s schedule. Accelerated online programs can shorten the completion time.