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Top 15 Best Paying Energy Jobs 2021

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After graduating with an energy degree, graduates are looking for the best paying jobs in energy. They want to know: How many jobs are available in energy? What do energy jobs pay? Energy jobs are some of the highest-paying jobs in the country with incredible job growth. We’ve collected some of our top energy jobs. Salaries for the best paying jobs in energy are made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy 2021

1. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are one of the best paying jobs in energy available right now. In the most basic sense, petroleum engineers help the oil and gas industry find and harness petroleum resources. Whether that is designing more efficient means of extraction or refinement or helping find new repositories of oil and gas, petroleum engineers are vital to the flow of this particular energy source through our economy. Petroleum engineers can work either in offices or on-site to help with the extraction and refinement of petroleum. Typically a bachelor’s in petroleum engineering is all that is needed for this career path.

Median Salary: $137,720

2. Wind Farm Site Manager

A wind farm site manager is tasked with overseeing wind energy harvesting and a wind farm site. This career encompasses many different disciplines. Not only does a wind farm site manager need to have an in-depth understanding of turbines and wind farming technology, but they must also have the leadership skills and management skills needed for managing staff. Wind farm site managers are tasked with ensuring the generation of electrical energy from wind energy while working to ensure the safety of the wind farm and the integrity of the equipment.

Median Salary: $110,630

3. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are vital to the chemical manufacturing process. With the advent of battery technologies, chemical engineers are in high demand within the energy sector. As more and more car manufacturers and energy companies look towards battery solutions for storing mass quantities of energy, chemical engineers are tasked with developing the chemical solutions that power tomorrow’s battery technologies. Chemical engineers in the energy sector will play an important role in developing the energy solutions of tomorrow. This is one of the best paying jobs in energy.

Median Salary: $97,360

4. Geoscientist

Geoscientists, in their simplest definition, study the physical aspects of the Earth. Within the energy sector, geoscientists are typically employed by energy companies to help aid in the safe and efficient extraction of petroleum resources from the Earth. Geoscientists can also work in the energy sector by working at regulatory agencies to help create different regulations and rules that govern the extraction of materials from the Earth. Typically a bachelor’s degree is all that is needed for an entry-level geoscientist position, although a master’s degree often helps to command a higher salary.

Median Salary: $92,040

5. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work to help design and build major infrastructure projects. Whether it is building highways, tunnels, or energy grids, civil engineers help build things on a massive scale. Civil engineers are essential in the energy sector. They are often employed to help with the planning and building solar farms, hydroelectric dams, energy grids, and much more. For entry-level positions in civil engineering, students must earn a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees in civil engineering help graduates to command higher salaries. Either way, this is one of the best paying jobs in energy.

Median Salary: $87,060

6. Financial Analyst for Renewable Energy Companies

Financial analysts for renewable energy companies are among the best paying jobs in energy right now. Financial analysts for renewable energy companies play an important role in helping renewable energy companies plan their futures. By using their understanding of finance and their understanding of renewable energy sources, these financial analysts can help these companies decide which markets are best to push into and which markets are not worth the effort. They can also help them make more informed decisions when it comes to expanding their technologies to ensure that they are doing so in a profitable fashion.

Median Salary: $85,439

7. Solar Project Developer

A solar project developer is tasked with helping plan, build, and maintain solar farms or solar installations. This type of career requires various disciplines and is one of the best paying jobs in energy. Solar project developers are tasked with determining the best sites for solar projects. They are also tasked with creating plans for these solar installations and overseeing their construction. Solar project developers must have an understanding of solar energy as well as skills in project management, construction, and much more. Typically a bachelor’s degree is needed for an entry-level position in this field of work.

Median Salary: $83,980

8. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are vital within the energy sector. Because of their importance, industrial engineers are often some of the best paying jobs in energy, for those who wonder, what do energy jobs pay? Industrial engineers are experts in the streamlining and optimization of complex processes or systems. Industrial engineers help energy companies streamline their production lines to help them more efficiently generate energy. Whether it is petroleum or new renewable sources, industrial engineers are integral in optimizing energy production. A bachelor’s in engineering is typically needed for entry-level positions in this field of work.

Median Salary: $83,470

9. Solar Power Plant Operator

Solar power plant operators are integral to the day-to-day operation of a solar farm or solar power plant. Solar power plant operators are among the best paying jobs in energy. Those working as solar power plant operators tend to excel in the technical knowledge needed to maintain the solar arrays that keep the power plant running and the management and leadership skills needed for leading the staff that maintains the power plant. This career is just as much a science job as it is a human resource management job.

Median Salary: $79,370

10. Materials Engineer

Materials engineers specialize in the creation of new plastics, metals, ceramics, and any other materials. This career is in high demand in the energy sector, making it among the best paying jobs in energy. Materials engineers help develop new types of materials that are important to the generation and energy storage. Whether it is new types of glass or ceramics for solar panels or new types of plastics for the petroleum industry, materials engineers help create materials with unique properties needed to help solve a variety of problems for energy companies.

Median Salary: $76,980

11. Solar Construction Manager

Solar construction managers oversee the construction of solar plants or the installation of solar arrays. To work as a solar construction manager, one must understand general construction practices and information specific to the proper installation of solar panels and battery systems. Solar construction managers are tasked with making complex plans for solar farms a reality. This is one of the best paying jobs in energy. To work as a solar construction manager, one must earn at least a bachelor’s degree.

Median Salary: $70,126

12. Site Assessor

A site assessor is incredibly important to the energy business making this one of the highest-paying energy careers. Site assessors are tasked with making on-site visits to potential locations for energy generation. Whether it is assessing the quality of a location for a solar farm or a new oil rig, site assessors use their unique skill set to help determine whether or not a particular location is a good fit for an energy company to invest their resources into. Site assessors typically require either a certification or a bachelor’s degree for this type of career.

Median Salary: $69,778

13. Renewable Energy Consultant

A renewable energy consultant works with clients to determine the renewable energy system that is right for them. Whether it is an individual looking to outfit their home with solar panels or a company trying to offset their carbon footprint, renewable energy consultants must have expertise in the latest in renewable energy. Renewable energy consultants work closely with their clients to determine their energy needs and what goals they’d like to achieve with their new energy systems. They then help to create a new plan for a renewable energy system that meets all those needs. This career typically requires a bachelor’s degree.

Median Salary: $66,015

14. Solar Energy Technician

Solar energy technicians oversee the maintenance of solar panels and solar installations. After installing a solar energy system, solar energy technicians are often tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of these systems. This is one of the best paying jobs in energy at this time. Solar energy technicians typically work on-site to troubleshoot issues with solar energy systems and perform routine maintenance tasks on these systems. As solar energy becomes more popular, solar energy technician roles will continue to become more in demand.

Median Salary: $52,559

15. Environmental Engineering Technician

Environmental engineering technicians play an important role in the energy sector as they develop new ways to clean up pollution. One of the best paying jobs in energy, environmental engineering technicians not only work to mitigate the damages that can sometimes be caused by energy production, but they also help to create and enforce different regulations to ensure that energy companies are not putting undue strain or harm on the environments they operate in. This career typically requires a bachelor’s degree. Environmental engineering technicians are important safeguards of our natural world and help ensure that the energy sector operates safely and effectively.

Median Salary: $50,620


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This concludes our ranking of the top energy jobs in 2021.

NPCO Staff
February 2021