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Which Master’s in Engineering is Right For Me?

what engineering is right for me

Engineering is a made up of a wide variety of different types of engineering that students can choose to specialize in.  Often times, students can feel overwhelmed as to which engineering degree is right for them.  Students worry that they may choose the “wrong” engineering degree and end up heading down a a career path that they are not interested in.  Here at Nonprofit Colleges Online, we’ve created an overview of the different Master’s degrees in Engineering that are available to study so that you can make a more informed decision as to what Engineering degree you choose to pursue.

Aerospace Engineering

This field of engineering has students studying all of the steps involved in engineering aircraft. Students will work through the research, design, development, construction, and testing phases of aircraft development.  This field of study also covers astronautical engineering which is the study of space aircraft.  This is a great field of study for students that are interested in the development of flying machines.  If you find topics like aerodynamics, propulsion, materials science, and avionics interesting, then you might want to consider one of our top online Master’s in Aerospace Engineering degrees.

Civil Engineering

The work of civil engineers concerns itself with the creation of physical an naturally built environmental structures.  Civil Engineers work to design, construct, and maintain structures like bridges, buildings, canals, dams, roads, and more.  The scope of the projects available to civil engineers range from the building of a single road to the planning of an entire cities transportation system.  Students who are interested in topics including hydraulics, material science, and structural engineering may find that a one of our top online Master’s in Civil Engineering degrees is right for them.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering focuses on the study of engineering as it applies to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.  Students in an electrical engineering program will focus on how to design and implement electrical systems, as well as understanding how to design and create electronics. If you are interested in topics including telecommunications, signal processing, microelectronics, and computers, one of our top online Master’s in Electrical Engineering degrees might be the right engineering program for you.

Mechanical Engineering

Students in Mechanical Engineering will study the principles of engineering as it applies to mechanical systems.  They will become deeply intimate with the study of physics, material sciences, and manufacturing.  Mechanical Engineering revolves mostly around the design, production, and operation of machines.  Mechanical engineers can work on the design of engines, power plants, and vehicles.  If topics such as thermodynamics, mechanics, kinematics, electricity, and heating and cooling systems, you might find that one of our top online Master’s in Mechanical Engineering degrees is the right degree for you.

Software Engineering

Abstract in relation to the other types of engineering, software engineering is the study of the development of software for computer systems.  Students in software engineering will learn how to research, design, develop, and test software of all types.  Whether that is the creation of operating systems for computers or the design of mobile applications for iPhones, students in software engineering will focus on the creation of software of all sizes and types.  If you find the idea of application development, software writing, and systems analysis interesting, one of our top online Master’s in Software Engineering degrees might be right for you.

This overview of the various types of engineering degrees should hopefully help you down the right track when deciding which Master’s in Engineering is right for you!