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Students considering pursuing a Master of Legal Studies undoubtedly have certain career goals in mind that they hope the degree might help them achieve. Will an MLS provide the sort of bolster to your career that you seek? What sorts of things is this degree good for? Here, we provide a brief overview of the MLS degree to answer these questions.

Almost every profession works with legal procedure in some way—from risk management to government regulation—thus, the Master of Legal Studies is a degree program that appeals to many professionals working in many different settings. Every business and organization, whether public or private, for profit or not for profit, has to work within a complex business legal environment and navigate various regulations and requirements – and for every client or project, a contract is involved, which involves legal negotiation, planning, understanding of contract law, and compliance.

If you are in a position in which you are regularly expected to communicate with law or regulatory professionals, but you are not interested in representing clients in the practice of law itself, a Master of Legal Studies might be a good option to advance in your career path. MLS can provide these sorts of professionals the necessary credentials to move into higher-level positions and accompany a bachelor’s degree to enhance your knowledge and skills in your field as well as your marketability and earning potential.

Most graduates employ their Master of Legal Studies to augment and advance in their current career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professionals with a Master’s degree can earn upwards of 36% more than their counterparts with bachelor’s degrees. You should choose a concentration within the program that relates to your field and will add to your current knowledge base enabling you to be more of an asset and subject matter expert for your firm or organization. Potential concentrations for the MLS degree include Law and Public Policy; Human Rights, Social Justice, and Public Policy; Criminal Justice; Regulatory Compliance; US Law; Business Law; Entertainment Law; Sports Law; Law & Sustainability; HR & Employment Law; Intellectual Property Law; and more.

In short, for many individuals earning a Master of Legal Studies can provide a number of very attractive benefits. Some of the most valuable benefits that accompany an MLS include: increased career options, higher salaries, and better job security. Additionally, MLS degrees provide a quick and high return on investment. The skills that an MLS provides often prove so useful from the perspective of employers, that many will even encourage employees in the pursuit of an MLS by offering to reimburse a portion of their tuition costs. If you currently work in a position that touches one or more of these areas, chances are that you could benefit from the pursuit of a Master of Legal Studies Degree. For convenient and high-quality MLS options, see our ranking of Best Online Master of Legal Studies programs and take the leap to advance in your career today.