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Working towards one of our featured online Master’s in Business Administration degrees?  Got some downtime after submitting an assignment while working on one of our top online Bachelor’s in Business degrees?  Well, if you just can’t quite get enough of business and business talk, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite business podcasts to keep you informed.  Whether you’re busy finishing up some work for class, traveling to a job interview, or just having some downtime, we believe that immersing yourself in the world of business is one of the best ways to succeed in the field.

Our Favorite Podcasts for Business (in no particular order).

Freakonomics Radio – After partnering with economist Steven Levitt on the 2005 best-seller “Freakonomics”, journalist Stephen Dubner went on to create a podcast that would follow the format of the book by examining some of the most interesting economic questions.  This podcast is a great listen for those who want to hear about the ways that economic principles can show up to affect industries in strange ways.

Girlboss Radio – After founding the wildly-successful online retailer Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso wrote a business memoir that chronicled her rise to prominence.  Now, Sophia Amoruso hosts a podcast where she interviews other impressive female business executives to learn more about their stories and the ways that they were able to reach that level of success.

Your Money Now – Hosted by Gordon Deal of The Small Business Report, Your Money Now is a podcast that expands on business news in the United States to deep-dive into the underlying issues and factors at play.  Weaving together a few interrelated stories in each episode, Gordon Deal is able to paint a vivid picture of what is happening in today’s business world.

Hard Pass – Offered in digestible five to ten-minute episodes, Hard Pass, hosted by John Barro and Linette Lopez, examines complex and dense topics in ways that make them much easier to understand and digest.  With a wide array of different topics available, Hard Pass is a great podcast to get a better understanding of a variety of different business topics.

The $100 MBA Show – While not a substitute for an actual Master of Business Administration degree, The $100 MBA Show is another great podcast that offers daily ten-minute episodes that dive deep into a particular business-related topic.  Hosted by Omar Zenhom, this podcast is another invaluable resource in providing a variety of different crash courses on business topics.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Hosted by Tim Ferriss, the Tim Ferris Show has consistently featured at the top of the charts on iTunes in the business section.  In this podcast, listen to Tim Ferris as he interviews and dissects the tactics and habits of the world’s most successful people. Through this podcast, listeners will gain insight into some habits and keys to success not found in many other places.

We hope that this list of podcasts provides you with a variety of educational entertainment as you work towards earning your degree in business.


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