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Top Careers in Political Science

Considering enrolling in one of our best online Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science?  Not entirely sure what career options await you upon completion of your degree?  With a Bachelor of Political Science, graduates can enter into a wide variety of different career paths.  We’ve compiled a list below of some of the potential jobs and careers occupied by Political Science majors.

Top Careers with Political Science Degree

Political Analyst

Through undergraduate studies as a Political Science major, students will gain a deep amount of insight into current public policy and the process to which that public policy is created.  Naturally, through this type of studies, students will become adept at analyzing public policy through their normal coursework and study.  Fortunately, their is a specific job within the political field where this skill can be directly applied.  Working as a political analyst, students will examine proposed policy and legislation and prepare arguments for the efficacy of such policy and whether or not it should be pursued.


A Bachelor’s in Political Science is a great starting point for students hoping to become an attorney. Many of the topics and classes taught during a Bachelor’s in Political Science degree program are similar to those taught in a Pre-Law environment.  Upon completing this degree, students will have gained insight into a variety of different laws and legislation which puts them at a major advantage in working for political groups of figures in some sort of legal-advisory capacity.

Political Campaign Staff

A major part of politics is the process of getting a candidate elected.  Through the study of political science, students will learn the machinations of the political process and learn how to leverage the different parts of politics in order to get a candidate elected.  While working as a political campaign staffer, students will work to help get their candidate elected by drafting press releases, writing speeches, working on social media, as well as planning rallies and meetings with citizens.  Students will also work to shape the policy of their candidate as well.

Marketing Research Analyst

A little outside of the realm of politics, students can apply the skills they learned during their Political Science major towards a job as  a Market Research Analyst.  While on the surface it would appear that this job may not necessarily line up with the skillset taught during a Political Science program, upon closer examination you would find that a lot of the skills are similar.  Rather than examining how a political figure or party is performing for a particular group, students will use these same skills but apply them towards a product or service.

Legislative Assistant

Leveraging their communications and writing skills, Legislative Assistants work closely with senators, representatives, and other elected officials working on Capitol Hill.  Providing general assistance to legislators, whether it be through research, communication strategy, or coordination with constituents, this job is crucial to the function of legislators.

These are just some of the potential careers that you may find yourself in after completing a Bachelor’s of Political Science.