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Top Careers in Social Work

Working towards the completion of an online Bachelor’s degree in Social Work?  Wondering what your options are for careers after graduating with a Master’s in Social Work degree?  With a Bachelor’s in Social Work degree or a Master’s in Social Work degree students are prepared with the education and knowledge to enter into the workforce in a variety of different positions within the field of social work.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular social work jobs today.

Substance Abuse Counselor

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Social Work degree, graduates can choose to work in the field as a substance abuse counselor.  In this role, graduates will work closely with those with a variety of different substance abuse issues in order to help curtail their symptoms and help them lead a happier more productive life.  Graduates will work with those suffering from drug addictions, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, and much more.  This is one of the most vital social work positions available and can also be quite challenging.  By working as a substance abuse counselor, graduates will work to help rehabilitate substance abusers while providing support to friends and family of those affected. Visit to learn more about these treatment centers.

Clinical Social Worker

As a Clinical Social Worker, graduates will work to help provide those with mental and substance abuse issues care in a medical setting.  Requiring a Master’s in Social Work degree, those who work as a Clinical Social Worker will provide more in-depth and hands-on treatment for their patients.  In this field of work, graduates will work in clinical settings such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  Often times, this type of social work position requires post-graduate work experience as well.  This is a great role for those who would like to work more closely with individuals and also prefer a clinical setting.

School Counselor

Vital to the educational ecosystem, school counselors work to make sure that students’ developmental and social needs are properly being met.  In this role, school counselors will meet with students to help students grow and mature into full-fledged adults.  From helping with career development, personal problems, and decisions regarding the continuation of their education, school counselors are often on the frontline of helping students develop and mature.  This is a great position for those who would like to work with children in order to help shape their futures.

Community Program Administration

Working to provide for the community, community program administration positions are for those who would like to work in a more managerial position within the field of social work.  As a Community Program Administrator, graduates will work for a social service program to organize and make sure that it is run efficiently and can provide its services to as many people in the community while remain effective.  Whether it’s an after school program, a youth sports league, a meet up group for the elderly, these programs must be stewarded by those well-versed in social work skills and techniques.

These are just a few of the potential careers open to those interested in entering into the world of social work.