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Top Careers in Information Technology

The field of Information Technology is massive and full of great opportunity for new graduates.  Upon completing one of our featured online Master’s in Information Technology degrees, graduates may need some guidance as to what career path is right for them.  With a Master’s in Information Technology degree, many high-level jobs within the field of information technology are opened up to graduates.  Here’s a list of potential career options for IT graduates.

Software Engineer

Through the completion off Information Technology degree, students will have gained the knowledge and experience to enter into the field of software engineering.  As a software engineer, graduates will work to plan, develop, implement, and deploy a variety of different software.  A software engineer is a high-level position within software development firms.  As the software engineer, you will be responsible with the overall plan and design for the specific application or service that is being worked on.  If you’re interested in working with a team to execute the creation of large pieces of software, this career might be right for you.

Cloud Architect

One of the hottest sectors in Information Technology, the Cloud is an entire paradigm shift regarding the way that people interact with data.  Rather than increasing the storage capacity at the user-level, the Cloud moves personal data onto massive server farms and leverages the speed and availability of Internet to provide access to this data from anywhere possible.  As a Cloud Architect, you will work to design, plan, build, and scale massive server arrays dedicated to the housing of cloud data.  Cloud Architects will work to make sure that data is secure and accessible to users at all times as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Network Architect

In order for computers and other devices to communicate with one another, they must connect to a network that facilitates such communications.  As a Network Architect, you will work to design the expansive networks that connect disparate components allowing them to talk to one another.  Whether it’s on a massive scale of connecting entire regions to one another through fiber optics and satellites, or if its on a smaller-level of designing the networking framework for a new office building, Network Architects are tasked with designing, planning, and implementing communications networks for a variety of technologies.

Information Security Analyst

As more and more personal and sensitive data is stored online, hacking has become a much bigger threat to the security of individuals and companies.  As an Information Security Analyst, you will work to probe and assess the security implementations of organizations in order to suggest ways to strengthen their security.  Using techniques employed by hackers for good, Information Security Analysts will find ways that hackers could potentially sneak into an organization’s network and then provide the organization with ways to protect against such attacks.

The field of Information Technology is quite large and offers students a wide variety of potential careers. These are just some careers that students can use as a jumping off point when beginning their post-graduation job search.