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Top Careers in Human Resources

The field of Human Resources is large and expansive.  Whether you’ve completed one of our featured online Bachelor’s in Human Resources degrees, or have studied elsewhere, graduates are faced with a large array of different options to consider when deciding what career path is right for them.  With a Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree, students can find a wide array of different job opportunities that they can apply their skills to.  Here’s a list of potential career options for Bachelor’s of Human Resources graduates.

Executive Recruiter

By completing a Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree, graduates will have spent a large amount of time learning how to evaluate potential job candidates to understand how they would fit into job openings within a company or organization.  You will also learn to help others advance their careers and find higher-paying positions for them to work within.

Training & Development Manager

As learned through a Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree, human capital is one of the most important resources a business can have.  As a Training & Development Manager, your job would be tend to the needs of new hires in order to get them ready with the necessary skills and understandings needed to succeed in the workplace while spending time with current employees to help develop their skills to increase their job capacity and to help them move throughout the company.  By spending time training and developing talent, employers are able to keep their employees happier.  In this position, you will work to empower employees to make them feel important and wanted.

Labor Relations Specialist

With many industries having labor unions to represent their workers, companies must find a way to negotiate the relationship between themselves and their employees.  As a Labor Relations Specialist, you will work as the intermediary between a labor union and a corporation in order to help both the company and the workers stay within their rights.  Labor Relations Specialists must work to understand local, state, and federal labor laws to ensure that the company is providing their workers with what they are owed, while ensuring that workers are happy within their given labor union.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

As most would agree, one of the major reasons people choose to work in a specific job is due to the money earned and benefits given.  As many companies grow larger and larger, it is important to have an employee dedicated to the management of compensation and benefits.  As a Compensation and Benefits Manager, you will be charged with maintaining the payroll of the employees in the company to ensure people are being properly compensated for their work.  You will work to be in charge of pay raises as well as deciding which benefits packages are best for the people within your company.

These are just a small sampling of the types of roles available to graduates of a Bachelor’s in Human Resources degree.