What’s the Difference: Master’s in Business Administration vs. Master’s in Organizational Leadership

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You’ve completed your undergraduate studies and you wish to continue your education into graduate-level studies. You earned an undergraduate degree in business or another related topic, and you want to take the next step towards advancing your career and earning potential in the field of business. You’ve found your courses in leadership to be interesting and you’ve enjoyed leading teams before and you’d like to hone those skills.

Deciding how to continue your graduate studies may seem challenging, whether one of our premier Master’s of Business Administration degrees or one of our featured online Master’s of Organizational Leadership degrees is right for you. In this article, we’ve provided brief overviews of both degrees as well as some key differences to consider when choosing which program is right for you.

Master’s in Business Administration

Through the pursuit of a Master’s of Business Administration, students will build upon the skills and understandings gained in their undergraduate studies of business. These programs are typically designed to provide students the understandings and concepts needed to be work-ready within the corporate sector. Students in these types of programs will spend large amounts of time covering technical topics including marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and other business-related topics. Students will also spend time gaining an understanding of leadership, motivational, and organizational skills.

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

In gaining a Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree, students will spend time developing an understanding of leadership, what it means to lead, and how to implement quality leadership to influence change. Focusing on a variety of contemporary issues, students will gain valuable insight on how effective leaders work to motivate their teams. Students will also learn about the legal issues that surround management philosophies as well as the ways that leadership can be used in government and nonprofit organizations. Through this program of study, students will dive deep to learn what is needed to be a world-class leader.

So what’s the difference?

There a few different things to keep in mind when deciding between a Master’s in Business Administration or a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. With a Master’s in Business Administration degree, students will develop a broad understanding of the variety of factors and pressures that influence a business.  They will become experts in the ways different parts of a business interoperates with one another. Through the completion of this type of program, students will have developed a specialization that they can apply in the corporate sector.  In a Master’s of Organizational Leadership degree program, students will focus primarily on the qualities and skills that make up a good leader and how to properly manage, motivate, and retain employees. A Master’s in Organizational Leadership is a broader, bigger picture degree that focuses more on the leadership aspect of business.

Bottom line:

Between the two degrees, students should examine exactly what they are looking for when it comes to their post-graduate studies career. With a Master’s in Business Administration degree, students will be prepared to plug directly into an existing corporate structure to provide their expertise in a variety of business-related topics while students with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership will have a broad understanding of leadership and management that they can apply to effect structural and organizational change in a variety of different businesses or groups.