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Oregon State University Ecampus

Oregon State University was founded in 1868, and since that time has grown to become a prestigious school. A portion of the 400 acre campus is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As well as drawing students from the state of Oregon, they reach out to students in all 50 states. Currently, there are more than 26,000 students attending OSU.

OSU has a robust online degree program that is referred to as their Ecampus. It has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Their program offers students a wide variety of options in various subjects. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned as well as graduate degrees. This includes a doctorate as well as a master’s degree. Certificates are available in certain subjects for both undergraduate and graduate work. Once the work is completed, there is no distinction made between courses taken on campus versus those taken online. Online and offline diplomas earned by students look exactly the same.

The instructors that teach offline classes on campus are the same ones that teach classes online, so you are assured of receiving the same quality education that offline students are receiving. With online classes you can fit your class and study time into your schedule. Although the schedule for learning the material is up to you, the courses are scheduled around a quarter term structure. The summer term begins June 24 and the fall term will begin on September 30 so plan ahead.

All of our online classes are explained and described in our online catalog. You can apply for an online program at the OSU website. Tuition fees can also be paid for online. All students taking online courses are charged the same fees regardless whether a student is a resident of the state of Oregon or is living in another state or country.