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University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is made up of sixteen state colleges. Each of these colleges offer online degree programs that include Baccalaureate degrees Masters degrees, Doctorates, Certificates and Licensing programs. There are currently about 77 online Baccalaureate programs, 118, online Masters programs, 2 online doctorate programs, and approximately 110 online certificate and licensure programs. Students at any of the sixteen colleges in the University of North Carolina system can enroll in the online degree program of their choice through the UNC Online exchange no matter which campus they attend. There are roughly 70,000 students enrolled in the University of North Carolina’s online degree program each school year.

Some of the online baccalaureate degree programs offered by the University of North Carolina are agricultural education, business administration, clinical laboratory science, neurodiagnostics and sleep science, emergency medical care and various nursing programs.

Tuition for online courses varies slightly depending on the school offering the program. For North Carolina residents, the approximate cost per credit hour for an online undergraduate program course is $218. Non-residents will pay about $422 per credit hour. Financial aid is provided to students who have financial need. Eligibility for financial aid is determined using the FAFSA.

To enroll in an online degree program at the University of North Carolina, the student must first apply for admission to any one of the sixteen colleges that make up the University of North Carolina system. From there, they can speak with an admissions counselor or advisor about enrolling in courses associated with the online program they wish to major in. Each college in the University of North Carolina system is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Specific programs offered by the University may be also accredited by additional organizations.