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Top 5 Nonprofit Online Colleges in Idaho

Deciding to take your college education online is one of the smartest decisions a student can make. By forgoing an on-campus degree program, students who choose to enroll in a degree program online are able to save a substantial amount of money. While the price of college continues to rise, online degree programs still remain relatively affordable. Not only are these programs cheaper, but they are also much more flexible in their scheduling. Students who are interested in an online college in Idaho will find a ranking of our top online colleges ordered by tuition below.

#1. Lewis-Clark State College

Lewiston, Idaho

Established in 1893, Lewis-Clark State College is named for its location between Lewiston and Clarkston. Since its founding, Lewis-Clark State College has gained notoriety throughout Idaho for the quality of its academic programs as well as its career and technical education programs. Lewis-Clark State College has also acted as a steward of the community by offering a variety of different community engagement programs for locals. Recently, Lewis-Clark State College has begun to offer a variety of different online degrees to students entirely online. Including both online associate’s degrees and online bachelor’s degrees, Lewis-Clark State College has begun to branch out into online learning. Some of the degrees being offered entirely online include an RN-to-BSN program as well as a bachelor’s in business administration degree. Lewis-Clark offers a convenient and affordable education among Idaho online colleges.

Tuition: $338/credit

#2. Boise State University

Boise, Idaho

Founded in 1932, Boise State University is a public research university located in Boise, Idaho. Since its founding, Boise State University has become a top university in the state of Idaho. Today, Boise State University enrolls over 25,000 students. At this time, Boise State University offers over 100 different degree programs. Of these programs, dozens of them are also offered to students entirely online, including a number of online bachelor’s. Boise State University allows students to transfer credits into their programs in order to aid students in completing their programs more quickly. A military and veteran discount is also offered to students who choose to pursue an online degree program from Boise State University.

Tuition: $350/credit

#3. Northwest Nazarene University

Nampa, Idaho

A private Christian university, Northwest Nazarene University was first established in 1913. Since opening, Northwest Nazarene University has expanded its academic offerings to include a large selection of liberal arts programs. Today, Northwest Nazarene University offers over 60 bachelor’s degrees as well as nearly a dozen master’s programs. A large selection of these programs is also made available to students entirely online. Closely following the same curriculum as their on-campus counterparts, the online programs at Northwest Nazarene University are designed to give the same quality of education as that experienced by on-campus students. Programs at Northwest Nazarene University are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Check out the convenient educational possibilities at this online college in Idaho.

Tuition: $410/credit

#4. Brigham Young University – Idaho

Rexburg, Idaho

With the motto “Rethink Education”, Brigham Young University-Idaho is a private university that is closely affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Specializing in a number of liberal arts degrees, Brigham Young University-Idaho has greatly expanded its academic offerings to include nearly 90 bachelor’s degree programs as well as a number of graduate degrees. Of these degree programs, Brigham Young University-Idaho offers dozens of them to students entirely online. Online bachelor’s degrees and online master’s degrees are among the programs offered entirely online. Brigham Young University-Idaho also encourages students to transfer credits from other programs to put towards the completion of their degree. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has provided accreditation to Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Tuition: $572/credit

#5. University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho

The oldest public university in all of Idaho, the University of Idaho was first founded in 1889. A public university, the University of Idaho currently enrolls a student body of over 11,500 students. Offering a massive catalog of academic programs, the University of Idaho currently offers over 140 different degrees from which to choose. Nearly two dozen of the graduate programs are offered to students entirely online, including a Master’s in Public Administration, Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and many more. The University of Idaho also offers a number of online bachelor’s degrees to students. The school has worked hard on designing its online education platform to ensure that students who pursue degrees online are getting a quality education experience.

Tuition: $1,191/credit

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