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Is a Master’s in Public Health Right For Me?

Through the course of your college career, you’ve found that yourself drawn to courses involving the study of public health and the factors that influence health policy within our nation.  After completing your undergraduate studies and finding these types of topics interesting, you may have become interested in pursuing your education further. For many students, that continued education may come in the form of enrolling in one of our top online Master’s in Public Health degree programs.  But making the decision to pursue a Master’s in Public Health degree can be a large decision that many would like to have more information about before choosing to do so.  Here at Nonprofit Colleges Online, we’ve created a brief overview of a variety of different things to take into account before deciding to enroll in a Master’s in Public Health degree.

Is a Master’s in Public Health Right for Me?

A Master’s in Public Health is one of the highest-levels of graduate education offered in the field of public health.  In the pursuance of a Master’s in Public Health, most students will find that it takes them at least two years to complete depending on the type of program chosen, the amount of courses taken per semester, and prior education. When deciding if this is the right degree program for you, students should consider a variety of different factors.  By working towards the completion of a Master’s in Public Health degree, students will have gained the insight and education needed to enter into the field of public health to work to effect change.

What Skills Will I Gain?

Through a Master’s in Public Health degree program, students will to gain a greater understanding of public health practices in order to better understand the ways that public health can be influenced through effective public health policy.  Students will study a variety of core subjects including social and behavioral sciences, biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, and health policy.  By examining these topics, students will work to gain a better understanding of the types of health problems effecting society at large and ways that health policy can be manipulated and guided to better help promote healthier populations of people.

What Roles Are Available?

After completing a Master’s in Public Health degree program, students will have gained the skill to work in a variety of different industries and organizations.  Some students will work to continue their studies of epidemiology into a career as an epidemiologist.  In this career, students will study the spread of disease and sickness to better understand ways to slow down and eliminate these diseases.  Others will work as Health and Safety Engineers, learning how to implement policy and practices in high-risk environments to keep employees safe.  Others will find themselves in government or healthcare organizations, examining the health trends and creating policy in order to promote positive health within a given population.

All Things Considered

When determining if a Master’s in Public Health degree is right for you, it is important to consider whether your career ambitions lie in learning more about the variety of public health issues facing modern society in order to create more effective public health policy to create a healthier and happier population.