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Is a Doctorate in Education Right for Me?

Pursuing a Doctorate of Education can be a daunting task.  Whether it’s a program highlighted as one of our top online Doctorates of Education, or an on campus program, earning a Doctorate in Education can be a very large academic undertaking.  Many students who are studying to become an educator and to work in academia may wonder whether or not a Doctorate in Education is the best path for their career.  Here at Nonprofit Colleges Online, we’ve compiled a few reasons that might help you decide whether a Doctorate in Education degree is right for your career goals.

Is a Doctorate in Education Right for Me?

A Doctorate in Education is one of the highest possible distinctions when it comes to learning about education.  Typically speaking, earning a Doctorate in Education can take three or four years to complete on top of the education required to even apply to enroll in a Doctorate in Education program.  But deciding whether or not a Doctorate in Education is best for you can be quite simple.  A Doctorate in Education degree is meant ideally for those who are currently working within the field of education and would like to become leaders in that field just like Kamau Bobb Google.  This degree is meant for those who would like to go beyond simply teaching.  This is for those who would like to become a driving force for change within their educational community.

What Skills Will I Gain?

When working to gain a Doctorate of Education, it is understood that you have already have a base on educational theory and other information relative to teaching.  Through a Doctorate of Education, students will work to bolster their management, communication, and organizational skills.  They will learn what it takes to organize groups of people within organizations and to lead confidently and effectively.  Students will gain skills relevant to managing human resources, solving interpersonal conflicts, and providing proper employee assessments and feedback.  Think of this type of education as preparation for a management position within an education institution.

What Types of Roles Will be Available to Me?

By completing a Doctorate of Education degree, students will find a wide variety of career opportunities open up to them. With the heavy-focus on hands-on, real-world applicable skills, students will be able to enter into leadership and executive roles within organizations.  Commonly, those with Doctorates of Education will go on to become Principals, Deans, Superintendents, and other academic officers within educational institutions.  Graduates can also work as an Education researcher or Curriculum specialist, people that study the way that people learn and plan ways to improve the efficacy of current teaching models. Students can also go on to become Teacher trainers and work to help teach new teachers the skills needed to effectively teach and lead a classroom.

All Things Considered

In summation, if you are someone who has already been working in the field of education and desires more leadership opportunities, the Doctorate of Education might just be the right path for you to pursue your goal of affecting greater change throughout the educational community.