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Revitalizing Philanthropy: Innovative Charitable Organizations

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Revitalizing Philanthropy: Innovative Charitable Organizations

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • $24 billion in grants since 1994.
  • $100,000 towards developing a chewing gum that will detect the malaria virus (works through saliva rather than drawing blood)
  • $950,000 towards developing a TB breathalyzer which diagnoses tuberculosis instantly
  • $4.5 billion in vaccine research to fight the spread of HIV, malaria and tuberculosis


  • Allows individuals to lend interest free micro-loans to help create opportunity around the world
  • $466,912,850 in loans since 1994
  • Individuals can loan as little as $25
  • Repayment rate: 99.02%
  • Loans may be allocated to a particular focus
    • Anti-poverty
    • Family and community empowerment
    • Innovation

Provides access to loans to individuals who would not otherwise. The money is used for entrepreneurial endeavors:

  • Agricultural supplies
  • Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Educatiion

Villagers take out $50-$100 loans to purchase a startup kit to launch their own small business. Includes LED lights, a generator and supplies.

  • Public Alerts -a platform for communicating relevant emergency alerts in the wake of crises
  • Google Person Finder reconnects people in the wake of the major disasters
  • Custom Google Maps can be created to share information during a crisis.
  • Google uses search terms, found to be good indicators of flu or dengue activity, to track possible outbreaks and provide early warnings


Works to unite different kinds of people to achieve common conservation goals.

Gulf Oil Disaster

  • Staged boat tours for scientists, journalists and government officials to see the impact zone firsthand.
  • Prompted the US Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation on BP and its corporate partners into possible law breaking.
  • Put an end to needless sea turtle deaths caused by the clean up crews blindly burning off the oil slicks.

Thiel Foundation

Defends and promotes political, personal and economic freedom.

Gives out grants supporting:

  • Freedom
  • Science and Technology
  • Anti-violence
For example, the Seasteading Institute received the Freedom Grant for the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, outside the territory claimed by the government of any standing nation, believing that innovative political systems could serve humanity far better than our governments do today.

Poseidon Award given to the first seastead to:

  • Have at least 50 full time residents
  • Is financially self-sufficient
  • Offer seastead real-estate on the open market
  • Has de-facto political autonomy



Revitalizing Philanthropy