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  • Oregon State University Ecampus

    Oregon State University was founded in 1868, and since that time has grown to become a prestigious school. A portion of the 400 acre campus is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As well as drawing students from…

  • Drexel University

    Drexel University is a leading online university, but it also offers traditional classes on its Philadelphia campuses. Although it is widely acclaimed for its online programs, it has existed long before the days of the internet. In 1891, a philanthropist…

  • Non Profit vs. For Profit Colleges

    It is important to consider a multitude of factors before selecting a college, including choosing between for profit and non profit colleges. Although both types of schools offer accredited degrees, these universities approach education in different ways. For students looking…

  • The Problem(s) With For-Profit Colleges

    college with features including high acceptance rates and flexible classroom options. Some of the features of for-profit colleges can even turn out to be detrimental to students who are searching for jobs after graduation. Here are the four biggest problems…

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